Now is the perfect time to think about a website refresh.

Hopefully in the not to distant future the UK government will be laying out its plans to re-open the country.  This is a great opportunity to ensure you have your website looking great & packed full of up-to date information.

New additions to your business

Over recent times your business may have changed direction, offers new services/products or changed its branding. In todays digital age it is so important that your online presence represents the same environment as your physical location.

Stagnant website

One of the most common reasons Fairway is approached for website redesigns is that a site has been stagnant for several years. If your website looks dated, has a frustrating user experience, is slow to load, or otherwise doesn’t feel like a current site, it’s time for a redesign.


How can Fairway help you?

As part of our #projectrefresh2021 program at Fairway, we are so excited to be able to help small & medium sized business rebrand, refresh & re-design their online presence.

If your a small/medium sized business in the Hampshire/Dorset area contact us today and let’s work together to ensure your online presence is ready for the future.



Step 1

Send us a quick email via our contact us page, with a brief outline of how you would like us to help


Step 2

We will reply to you within 12 hours, offering examples, comments & statistics on your current website. 


Step 3

As part of our #projectrefresh2021 a complete website refresh will cost £499. No matter how large your website is (check our #projectrefresh2021 page for specific payment options)


Step 4

Once we have got a feel for your business and all the small print is sorted. Fairway will then begin working on your new website including bringing your domain to Fairway. Once we have completed the first few pages, we will send you a link to take a look and ensure you are happy with how the work is progressing


Step 5

Once your new website is complete and your are happy, your website will be live to see. We can then provide any training you wish, in order for you to make any small changes in the future that you wish. We will also be able to discuss our SEO packages with you.


Step 6

All our #projectrefresh2021 websites will be completed within 2 weeks



Our #projectrefresh2021 price for a complete website refresh is £499 including 1 years hosting. Contact Us Now



Click one of our team below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to hello@fairwayuk.com