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Has Fairway build or refreshed your website?

If you are based in Hampshire/Dorset and we have already worked on your website. This is definitely worth a read

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Which is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on your website’s presence in search results on search engines like Google. All websites are looking to gain presence on the first page of a search engine results, because lets be honest how many times have you gone to page 2 or many 3 in google before you change your search term?

There is art & science behind every great website. From which words you are using, to links that other website are directed to yours. 

The Fairway for you

As Fairway is fellow business based in the Hampshire/Dorset area our #projectrefresh2021 SEO package is a very cost effective way to let us improve your search engine rankings. Most digital marketing agencies either use a monthly retainer or a monthly price for SEO work. At Fairway we use a per hour system, which we find is great for small/medium businesses who already have their websites with us.


How can Fairway help you?

As part of our #projectrefresh2021 program at Fairway, we are so excited to be able to help small & medium sized business rebrand, refresh & re-design their online presence.

If your a small/medium sized business in the Hampshire/Dorset area contact us today and let’s work together to ensure your online presence is ready for the future.



Step 1

Send us a quick email via our contact us page, or via hello@fairwayuk.com


Step 2

Seeing as we already have your website loaded onto our system, we will discuss an amount of hours we recommend for you and some realistic targets.



Our #projectrefresh2021 price for our hosted SEO packages is just £15 per hour to Hampshire & Dorset based businesses. Normally are price is £25 per hour. Which other agencies charge around £90 per hour.